Scario - a prehistorical museum

"One hundred thousand years before Scario"

The Museum

The exhibition area shows the plastic models of the place where had been discovered prehistoric finds and casts of the Neanderthal man found in the Riparo del Molare by a team of the University of Siena during an excavation carried out along the Coast of Masseta in collaboration with the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Salerno.

The archeological finds unearthed, is presumed to date back an hundred thousand years ago, and are still studied at the University of Siena.

The prehistorical museum Centomila anni prima di Scario is located in the building of the middle school in Scario.

Bosco - The Ortega's Museum

The museum Casa di Ortega is situated in Bosco where the spanish artist arrived in the 1980. Here you can appreciate several painting inside and outside the building.

Morigerati - l'Oasi WWF

Creata nel 1985, ha una estensione di 607 ettari. E' un'oasi di protezione della fauna, soggetta a vincolo paesaggistico ed idrogeologico. La gestione [leggi]

Roccagloriosa - L'Antiquarium

Collocato all'interno della sede comunale, il museo custodisce numerosi reperti archeologici lucani risalenti al IV e al [leggi]

The ghost town

One hundred steps, ideally, to heaven and to a past that never resigns to vanish in the limbo of memories and enter the exclusive club of the "ghost villages". [.....]