Small signs for a pleasant stay

Deciding to stay at this property means accepting in totality this Regulation of where you will find a copy within the suite.

1. Reservations


The reservation will only be confirmed after payment of a deposit equal to 30 percent of the total amount of the stay.
The balance of the remaining amount must be paid on arrival. At the same time a deposit of € 100 must be left, which will be returned on departure, as long as the furniture and equipment are in good conditions.
Any malfunctions discovered must be notified to the management on the day of arrival.
It should be noted that the sum of the deposit is a symbolic indemnity, so if any damage should exceed this amount, you must pay the difference.
The reservation guarantees the cost of the suite booked and not the location of the same. The Management, consistent with our policy, reserves the right to take into account preferences expressed at the time of booking.

Cancellation - Penalty

The customer who withdraws from the contract, the refund of the deposit is provided if cancellation is received within 60 days of the arrival date (1).
The refund of the deposit is equal to 25% for cancellations that occur from 59 to 15 days before arrival.
No refunds are provided for cancellations received within 14 days of the arrival date.
The management reserves the right to agree with the customer to take advantage of the deposit retained at other times, consistent with the availability of the structure.
(1) Bank charges not included.

2. Arrival

Check in

The suites will be available from 16:00. The customer can, however, request with the management to check-in any luggage, if you arrive early.
Upon arrival the customer must present valid ID.
The management will provide the keys directly to customers. These must be returned at the end of the stay.
People not staying in the accommodation are not permitted within the premises. Any visitors will have access to the building only with the permission of the management - subject to filling in the proper identity document.

Check out

The day of departure the suite must be vacated by 10:00 am. If the suite is not vacated within the above time, there will be charge of € 8.00 for every hour thereafter. Assuming the room is not cleared by 15:00 (time to be able to rearrange the suite) we will be forced to re-charge at the cost at the daily rate.

3. Valuables

The property has a safe deposit available with lock for valuables. The Management bears no responsibility for valuables left unattended or poorly guarded.

4. Parking

The property has private parking for customers. However, we are only available to accommodate one car space per booking . The management does not assume responsibility in the event of damage to cars in the parking lot.

5. Separate collection

Upon arrival the customer will find within the suite a set of bags for recycling. It will be the obligation of the customer to obtain any additional bags needed for the duration of your stay.
Inside the suite you will find the details of the times for the daily collection of waste. The customer is obliged to use it when necessary.

6. Pets

In the future we are seeking to incorporate facilities for dogs and other pets. Meanwhile, the presence of animals of small / medium size has to be agreed prior with the management.

7. Behavior

Inside the hotel behaviour must not be inappropriate or breach the tranquility of the atmosphere.

8. Internet Connection

Customers will have access to free WiFi. Anyone who wishes to use it may request a password in order to access.

For any further requirement Customers may contact the management. We thank you for choosing to stay at this Accommodation and we hope you have a pleasant stay and/or vacation .